Wendy Schettig... Christian Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Speaker
I started playing guitar and writing music when I was nine years old.  Music was always my best friend ... the people around me were all mixed up and music quieted the craziness.  God seemed the only sane thing out there.  We didn't go to church, but people had made such a mess of things in my world, I knew there HAD to be someone or something out there that was good.  Certainly the beautiful mountains, forests and oceans around me had been created by something much wiser and kinder than man.  Most of my music expressed my inner most thoughts and searching heart.  I opened up my own music store right after I graduated high school in Camden, Maine (there weren't any music stores around, and I needed guitar strings).  It was there I learned to play ragtime and blues style in addition to the folk style I already played.  At age 24, I chose to leave Maine to find God.  By that time, I had made a mess of my own life, and now I simply HAD to find truth.  Thankfully God showed up in a small church in eastern Pennsylvania, and I learned about His grace... a free gift that allowed me to start all over again and be directed by a truer and greater power than anything within me... the Spirit of God.  Out of sheer gratitude, my songwriting turned to Christian music.  Much of my music has become a life story in song as I continue to grow in my faith in Jesus Christ.  My guitar playing is fingerpicking style influenced greatly by James Taylor and Bob Dylan.  My singing was influenced by Bonnie Raitt (for bluesy music), Emmylou Harris (for folk music), Janis Ian, Eva Cassidy and Judy Collins.  My songwriting was influenced by my Dad who was a writer and the biggest part of a totally dysfunctional household (very fertile ground for songwriting)!  But my inspiration is from God and what He did for me to straighten out my life.  God is very powerful... and oh, so very good!

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