Wendy Schettig... Christian Singer, Songwriter,
                                              Guitarist and Guitar Teacher

Hi!  I'm Wendy, and thanks for visiting my site.  What will you find among the pages here?  Music for your soul.  It's honest.  It's spiritual.  It's intended to offer hope.  As a singer, I have been called a "careful, loving singer."  Listen to the songs on the left, and you can decide for yourself (scroll down for other songs).  You can also check out my "Reviews" page to see what others have said.  As a guitarist, I play folk, fingerpicking, ragtime and blues styles.  James Taylor was a big influence as was Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, Bonnie Raitt and Richard Saslow.  As a songwriter, most of my songs have a quiet Christian theme.  When I say "quiet," I mean it's Christianity that's not in your face, but it is there.  I see God in nature and often find myself writing about how God reveals Himself through His creation.   

I also write about overcoming the tough things in life through faith.  Much comes from my own experiences, so women particularly seem to identify with what I have to say.  If you read my "Bio" page, you can learn more on that.  And as a guitar teacher, well… what you hear in my recordings is the style I teach.  I also teach worship music for those who want to sing and play guitar with their church band, and I also teach ukulele (guess that's a whole other subject), but it's fun!  In addition, you can see pictures on my "Pictures" page and write a comment or email on my "Contact" page.  Oh yes, my schedule!  If you want to come out and hear my music live, be sure to take a moment to say "Hi" to me.  You can find my schedule on the "Music/Schedule" page, plus you can purchase CDs on that page or at concerts.  

But for now, just sit back, hit the "play" button, and let the music feed your soul.  Be blessed, Wendy

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